We specialize in transactions with overseas properties, where the owners can live in, and run an accommodation business at the same time, with steady income.

We offer a comprehensive array of services, including: providing help with selecting a country and obtaining residency; selecting the property and helping with its acquisition; providing support in organizing and developing the hospitality and recreational businesses.

Our services are provided in packages and are divided into several stages. Upon the detailed study of the client's circumstances and plans, we develop a customized service package to fit the client's individual needs and budget. Before the service agreement is signed, all preliminary consultations are free.
Avintu International
Toronto, Canada
Preliminary consultations are conducted over the phone, Skype or WhatsApp. Personal meetings are by appointment only.
Consulting clients

We offer our clients detailed consultations about the countries we work with including such issues as: residency and work permit, local health care services, taxes, etc.

Based on the thorough analysis of the client's circumstances, we develop recommendations about the places to move to, and the steps involved. We analyze such parameters as: client's budget, age, health condition, previous experience in hotel business, languages spoken, etc.

We also take into account our clients' wants and needs: what parts of the world and climate they prefer, do they need a residency in that country, how long (per year) they plan to live in their overseas property, what type of property they would like to buy (villas, apartments, resorts, mini-hotels), what interests and hobbies do they have, what activities they'd like to be involved in, and so on.

Selecting and buying overseas properties

After we've analyzed the clients' circumstances, their needs and wants, we offer several properties that match most closely the client's criteria. And when the customer made a selection, we arrange a thorough inspection of the property; have a lawyer review the documents and take care of all legal issues for the intended transaction, prepare financial analysis and assessment of the return of investment, and develop a business plan for the use of this property.

In order to complete these tasks, we use the resources of our own team as well as invite other specialists from different fields when required. We carefully select such specialists making sure that they are qualified for the job.
We prepare a detailed business plan on how to organize and develop a hotel business and provide recreational services based on the acquired property.

For each object (mini-hotel or B&B) we prepare a development strategy and suggestions on attracting customers. We make all required preparations and deliver a turn-key project ready for operation. We help our customers with defining a concept for their mini-hotel or B&B, targeting certain group of potential guests. We can also help with design of the interior and facilities, making necessary repairs, hiring and training personnel, concluding agreements with local utility companies, maintenance services and specialists.

We can help with connecting your business to online services, such as online booking websites, popular travel websites; we will help with promoting and advertising your mini-hotel or B&B in social media. As a result, our clients receive a ready-to-run business with recommendations on its further development.

We can also advice on possibilities of earning extra income through providing additional services in tourism and recreational activities. We will help with organizing such activities if required.
Immigration and other legal issues

We provide help with extending your stay in the country, obtaining temporary and permanent residency, buying real estate, obtaining work permits including for running business, getting access to local health care services, obtaining required permits and licenses for operating a hospitality business, and so on.

Business development

We provide a long-term support to our clients after they bought the property. We will help with development of hospitality business and with providing additional recreational services; we will recommend on how to improve the quality of services, how to re-purpose the property for servicing different groups of guests; we will help with advertising and attracting new customers. Finally, we can also help with tax planning and further sale of the property.


In order to make the transition more comfortable, we can help our clients with all their needs after they bought the property and moved to the new country, such as: connecting to utilities, accessing local health care, buying a car, enrolling children in schools, hiring personnel for the mini-hotel or B&B, etc.