We provide help with selecting and buying overseas properties for business and
investment. We consult on development of hospitality businesses and prepare
investment projects. We work with residential real estate helping relocating abroad.

Hotels and Recreational Properties

Overseas properties for business

We provide help with buying and selling overseas properties that can be used for all kinds of businesses, such as hospitality business, or providing services in recreational, entertainment and travel sectors, or hobby farming. This includes mini-hotels, B&B, resorts, tourist lodges and cabins, hobby farms, etc. What makes our services unique is that we focus on properties that could be managed by a single family or even by one person.

Residential Properties Abroad

Overseas properties to live in / rent out

For those who want to live abroad we offer our assistance in searching and buying suitable properties for living in, or renting out, or converting into Bed&Breakfasts. If a client wants to invest in apartments or villas at the early stage of construction, we assist with finding reliable builders and selecting the most prospective construction projects.


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There is a wide variety of regions that we recommend to our clients. We've selected the places that are safe, with nice warm climate, adequate level of living standards, good health care, affordable prices for real estate, and low living expenses.